I am an experienced sound engineer freelancing throughout Europe with base in Greece. With developed skills in all aspects of the music industry, my experience includes: live sound mixing and operating/setting up, studio engineering, sound design and touring.
I have done sound design for theatrical shows, movies and TV series and worked on hundreds gigs, ranging from small bar performances to full on festivals.
I have taken all sorts of responsibility through my working experience, stretching from supporting and assisting crews up to being an active member of touring teams. Constant collaboration with bands, clients and engineers has topped my communication skills. My organisational skills help me cope with and manage effectively tight schedules.
Along with my sound engineering skills, I bring a level of integrity and commitment to what I do. My passion for music/sound and my positive attitude makes me always want to strive for excellence.

Vagelis Moschos

abbey vag2
  • Experience in operating, configuring and setting-up a diverse range of professional recording and sound reinforcement equipment
  • Rapidly adapt to unknown equipment
  • Proven record of excellent live mixing skills, Front Of House and Stage Monitors
  • Troubleshooting audio problems under pressure
  • Great understanding of how to get the best sound through difficult situations
  • Studio engineering, recording and mixing ( Abbey Road Studio2, Sierra Studios Athens, worked with legendary producer David Bottrill on Maplerun's 3rd album and with Paul Pritchard in Abbey Road recording Theodore's "It is but it's not" live album )
  • Sound design for all purposes (TV shows, Theatre, Movies, Records)