A Guide to Re-Amping Techniques

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Re-amping is a technique that gained a lot of popularity in the last 15 years. The technique’s obvious advantages are numerous: Direct recording is an ideal way to reserve tonal flexibility for mixing (especially useful in the DIY world); Instrument amplifiers and stomp boxes offer virtually limitless opportunities to create the right sound with a…


5 Piano Recording Myths and Misconceptions

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People talk about piano recording like it’s Mt. Everest. They look at it like it’s some insurmountable obstacle that you can’t overcome. Like some grandiose instrument that you can only record with the most expensive equipment and the bestestest of studios. But it’s simply not true. You can easily get a great piano sound. Just…


6 Down and Dirty Recording Techniques

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Most of the time the aim of a great recording is to get a pristine and realistic capture of the sound of the instrument (or voice) in the room. But sometimes the goal is to get extra grungy with a side of hot sauce. So here’s 6 recording techniques to give you that captivating filth…